Your business needs a corporate website with professional email accounts.

Business Website & Professional Email

Having a business website with professional email addresses is no longer just a good business idea. Credit providers look at these as indicators that you have a legitimate business.

When credit providers research your company on the internet, it is best if they learn everything directly from your company website.

Many business owners fail to see that not having a company website is hurting their chances of obtaining multiple trade lines from various vendors. Social Media pages are not enough for many creditors. Having a social media presence without a company website is often an indicator that you are not a serious business owner and therefore pose a greater risk of default.

Don’t Overlook The Need For a “Professional” Business Email Address

It’s not only professional, but greatly increases your chances of getting approval from credit providers. A great example is an email like or Even if your email address has the name of your business, if you use a free provider such as @gmail or @yahoo or @msn, or @hotmail etc., you won’t be taken seriously as a business owner. There is nothing worse than potential credit providers noticing your company email address is Setting up a business email address is just too easy and inexpensive to neglect.

Compliance Item – Business Domain & Professional Email

Credit providers check to see that you have a business domain and a professional email address:

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