Now let’s look at your Equifax Small Business credit report.

Equifax Business

Currently, most U.S. banks report to Equifax on their business loans as well as most business credit cards that are underwritten by banks. Therefore, by opening accounts with many of the business credit cards in our system you will also be building your Equifax small business credit score and profile.

Buying a Equifax Business Report Online

You can now purchase a copy of your Equifax Small Business Credit Report online, however there is a good chance your credit profile will not be available. This is especially true if your business is newer. It typically takes more time to create a file with Equifax Small Business. This is why it’s important to apply with the credit providers who report to Equifax wherever possible throughout our business credit building program. However, if your Equifax Report is available, then definitely buy it!

Compliance Item – Equifax Small Business Credit Report

Get a Free Copy The “Old Fashion Way”

By phone… You can call 1-800-727-8495 to be mailed a free copy, but only after you’ve applied for business credit under your business name within the last 60 days. So if a business lender or credit provider has checked your business credit with Equifax Commercial Reports within the last 60 days, you can call the 800 number to be mailed a free copy of your Equifax commercial report. Lenders will not pull your Equifax report without your authorization so you should know exactly when a lender has requested it. Remember, It does not matter if you are approved or declined, only that you applied for credit.

By mail… You can get a free copy of your Equifax commercial report, even if you haven’t applied for any type of business credit in the last 60 days, by simply mailing your request to:

Equifax Inc.
P.O. Box 740249
Atlanta, GA 30374-0249

Your request letter should say, Please forward to me a copy of the available commercial credit report for: and then provide the exact legal name of your business, your business address, EIN number, business phone number, and owner/officer name. Remember, if your business is less than 1 year old and you haven’t applied for any sort of business credit yet, there is a good chance an Equifax Commercial file does not exist for your company. However, even if you haven’t applied for any type of business credit under your company name but your company is more than 1 year old, Equifax may have a commercial file for your business.

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